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Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Electrical Testing London perform PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) in London for Landlords, Commercial and Industrial properties with competitive pricing for larger quantities of items.

The frequency of inspection and testing depends upon the type of equipment and the environment it is used in. For example, a power tool used on a construction site should be examined more frequently than a lamp in a hotel bedroom. For guidance on suggested frequencies of inspection and testing

Why do I need to have my appliances tested?

  • The best way of ensuring that your appliances are safe is to have a PAT test carried out on them. This is a good way for landlords to ensure that they are meeting their legal obligations to maintain high standards of electrical safety in their rented property.

What does it involve?

  • To establish the safety and suitability of your electrical appliances, we will carry out a visual inspection of the appliance, its plug and lead. For Class I[1] equipment we will also inject test signals into the cable and appliance to ensure their integrity.

Who should do the work?

  • Electrical work must only be carried out by people who have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience needed to avoid danger to themselves and others.
  • Electrical Testing London’s Portable Appliance Testers are fully qualified and trained to the highest standards.

What will I receive?

Upon completion of the inspection and testing you will receive a report that details the following as a minimum:

  • An inventory containing each appliance type, name, location and description
  • A full set of test results for each appliance tested
  • A full list of any failed items with an explanation of their failure
  • A visible pass or fail label on each appliance detailing the inspection date and the inspector’s signature.

Please note: New equipment should be supplied in a safe condition and not require a formal portable appliance inspection or test. However, a simple visual check is recommended to verify the item is not damaged.

The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 require that any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury is maintained in a safe condition.


SILVER PAT Testing Package

  • Includes up to 30 items PAT tested for only £59.99 plus vat
  • Additional items are charged at £1.25 per test
  • Ideal for landlords, small businesses and mobile DJs

GOLD PAT Testing Package

  • Includes up to 100 items PAT tested for only £119.99 plus vat
  • Additional items are charged at £0.80 per test
  • For larger businesses or HMO Properties

Additional savings apply when PAT Testing is booked together with an EICR and/or Emergency Lighting Testing.