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Thermal Imaging

Discover electrical faults quickly and accurately with our Thermographic Imaging service.

Potential problems include loose or corroded connections and cable points, load imbalances or overloads.


How Thermographic Testing works

  • By comparing the temperature rise of the fault with the correctly operating component under the same loading conditions the severity of the problem can be determined.

Benefits of Thermographic Surveys

  • No downtime while conducting the Thermal Imaging survey as can be done during normal operating conditions
  • A safe non-contact measurement tool, uncovering faults quickly and accurately
  • Can help planning which items require maintenance as priority
  • Surveys available for whole site, selected area of potential fault or as part of an annual planned maintenance programme
  • Avoid potential risks, damage or fire through increase in temperature rise
  • Help to extend your equipment's life

Your Thermal Imaging Report

  • Professional analysis and report interpretation by an experienced thermographer
  • Colour thermogram and digital photo to confirm the specific location of the fault or potential risk
  • Temperature rise and severity of the problem
  • Probable cause of the fault and professional recommendations
  • Any remedial work undertaken documented on report